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Terms of Use

Anyone who visits should abide the following terms and conditions:

  1. As information is gathered form different sources, holds no responsiliby of accuracy of the content it provides. There can be news, analysis, comments & articles that may or may not be 100% correct.
  2. Anyone who wants to take any action on the basis of information we provide at should him/herself verify the information before believing in it.
  3. Reproduction of content from is allowed however mentioning of source i.e. is requested as courtesy.
  4. respects copyrights and at the same time it has to provide information as news, articles and analysis. Articles, news and analysis are posted by different individuals and organizations to us, there can be some copyrights ambiguities and issues. Any copyright related complaints should be forwarded to .
  5. holds no responsibility of advertiser’s content, products and similarly information on external links.
  6. Advertising showed on does not mean those companies are partners of or in any way associated with our website.
  7. can remove ads or links without any prior notice if required.
  8. Advertising money is non-refundable however believes in highest standards of customer satisfaction.
  9. can change its terms of use at any time without an prior notice.

Privacy Issues is against all kinds of SPAMs and discourages websites which promote SPAM. Following are some of the points related to InsideTelephony's privacy issues:

  1. records IP addresses of users who visit the website.
  2. E-mail addresses are gathered for several purposes including advertising, newsletter, news alerts and sales etc. However these emails are not provided to any other party and are not used for advertisement and SPAM purposes.
  3. also gathers other personal information from users who agree to our privacy policy. This information also includes phone numbers and street address etc.
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