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Vodafone Transforms IT Nerds Into IS Leaders

July 27th 2009 - “No longer is it adequate just to get a computer science degree and focus on the technical aspects of the job.” says Albert Hitchcock, Global CIO at Vodafone, in an exclusive interview for

Sharing his thoughts on the future of IT function, he explains that in today’s super-competitive marketplace, he feels many companies and many technology professionals are missing a trick: “Information systems,” he says, “must be at the forefront of the business.”

Albert Hitchcock took charge of the technology information services organization at Vodafone Group plc (LON: VOD) in August 2007, following some 14 years with Nortel.

Hitchcock believes that in the past the I.T. function was often viewed as “a necessary evil”, remote from the business and running in the background. He thinks that this has to change “because of the way business is carried out today”, but the people who could benefit most from that change may be short-skilled.

In his interview, Hitchcock says that many I.T. professionals are missing out on opportunities because they lack business expertise. “Increasingly I.T. professionals have to be confident at communicating. They have to be good leaders. They have to inspire their teams. They have to be able to understand the dynamics of the business they’re in and contribute to business decisions and discussions … which is a change, and a lot of I.T. professionals are not so comfortable with that aspect.”


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