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SoliCall Provides Audio Quality Improvement to InterMedia Marketing Solutions 500 seat Call Center

RA'ANANA, Israel, July 15, 2009 - SoliCall, provider of noise reduction, echo cancellation and quality monitoring software, designed to improve voice quality, today announced that InterMedia Marketing Solutions will be implementing SoliCall's PBXMate across its call center.

SoliCall's PBXMate provides InterMedia Marketing Solutions with SoliCall unique features for audio improvement with high performance & robust quality that is suitable for any VoIP environment. InterMedia Marketing Solutions has hundreds of agents in its Asterisk PBX call centers.

"When our company set out to find a noise reduction solution, we brought with us the steep requirement of hundreds of simultaneous calls", said Vance Dailey, vice president of information technology for InterMedia Marketing Solutions. "SoliCall's PBXMate has been a great move for us, providing the quality noise reduction we needed, as well as the tools to ensure we can tune our solution for future development. Most of all the expertise and prompt response time of the support team were the key that made this project a success".

SoliCall's PBXMate can work with any VoIP Network that supports SIP and it runs on Linux & Windows. "We are happy that InterMedia Marketing Solutions chose us, which well aligns with SoliCall's strategy to implement its call quality technology across different applications", said Shlomi Simhi, Director of Marketing for SoliCall.

About SoliCall Ltd.
SoliCall Ltd. is an Israeli-based privately-held company. SoliCall's goal is to raise the quality and standards of any technological conversation regardless of the surrounding of the speaker. SoliCall stands for communicating better by improving existing means of communication on any platform. Visit SoliCall's new website at

About InterMedia Marketing Solutions
InterMedia Marketing Solutions is among the most experienced outsource call center providers in the world. With three decades of experience serving highly regarded brands including Fortune 100 and 500 companies, Inter Media creates highly customized call center solutions which support sales and customer care applications across multiple industries.

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