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Blueslice Adds WiMAX to Its Subscriber Management Portfolio

Montreal, Canada, July 1st, 2009 - Blueslice Networks, the innovation leader in multi-profile subscriber data management for the Mobile, VoIP, FMC, and M2M markets, officially announces the introduction of the world’ first fully-integrated 3GPP HLR, IMS HSS and WiMAX AAA server, on its CSP 3000™ platform.

Blueslice’s Converged Subscriber Platform 3000™ latest software release includes the capability to act as a WiMAX Authentication, Authorization and Accounting server as standardized by the WiMAX Forum NWG specifications. It is compliant with both fixed (802.16d) and mobile (802.16e) WiMAX implementations.

WiMAX support is added as a simple software upgrade on existing AAA 3000™ deployments and can simultaneously coexist with the ngHLR 3000™, HSS 3000™ and SIP-AS 3000™ front-ends on the same hardware platform, leveraging one unique distributed back-end subscriber database. Such a unique architecture allows operators to reduce complexity and costs by managing all subscriptions of a given subscriber in a central coordinated way, while enabling them to simplify the life of their subscribers with single-sign-on across network domains.

“Many WiMAX operators are in the process of deploying IMS, while also looking for GSM/HSPA partnerships as a fallback outside of WiMAX coverage. With the siloed architecture of traditional AAA/HSS vendors, they must deploy three separate network databases.” said Frederic Bastien, Vice-President Products, Blueslice Networks, “With the CSP 3000™, they are aware in real-time of the authentication and mobility context of their subscribers, across WiMAX, IMS and 3GPP access networks”.

Blueslice is currently working with a range of WiMAX access and core network vendors delivering a fully integrated end-to-end solution for operators who wish to complement their WiMAX operations with an IMS service layer and infrastructure-based MVNO operations.

About  Blueslice
Blueslice Networks is the leading provider of subscriber management solutions for the Mobile, VoIP, FMC, and M2M markets. Blueslice solutions allow mobile service providers to control their principal asset, their subscriber base, while delivering innovative and differentiated services and significantly reducing operational costs. Now, end-users can access coherent communication services seamlessly over any type of access with a single subscription and set of preferences. The carrier-grade, open standard Converged Subscriber Platform 3000™ is the only converged ngHLR/AuC, HSS, SIP Application Server, and AAA Server, which, together, enable universal mobility across all access networks.

Blueslice delivers solutions to the world's leading mobile service providers including wireless carriers, MVNOs, VoIP providers, and alternate carriers. Blueslice Networks is a private company with headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

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