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Telecom Billing and OSS company

ZTE Corporation
Founded in 1985, with global headquarters in Shenzhen China, and operations in more than 100 countries, ZTE is a leading global provider of fixed line and mobile telecommunications equipment and network solutions.

Ericsson is a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and related services to mobile and fixed network operators globally. Over 1,000 networks in 140 countries utilize our network equipment and 40 percent of all mobile calls are made through our systems. We are one of the few companies worldwide that can offer end-to-end solutions for all major mobile communication standards.

Juniper Networks is revolutionizing the economics of global information exchange. Our purpose-built, high-performance IP platforms enable customers to support many different services and applications at scale. Service providers, enterprises, governments, and research and education institutions worldwide rely on the company to deliver products for building networks that are tailored to the individual needs of their users, services, and applications.

Dialogic Corporation offers the richest selection of IP-based open-standards solutions in the industry to empower you to deliver the best hybrid and full IP solutions to your customers. From ready-to-deploy media gateways to market-leading multimedia processing software, Dialogic products continue to build on a proven legacy of innovation for enterprise productivity and network-based enhanced services.

Socket Communications
Socket Mobile offers a fully integrated, flexible, and easy-to-optimize premium platform with all the essential scanning and connectivity peripherals. The Socket system brings just the right mobile business functions to today’s vast diverse marketplace – easily customized to meet a range of deployment needs.

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