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Humans Need a Better Communication System

Today humans have all sorts of very nice communication systems, like telephones, the Internet and email, but perhaps this is not enough. We still have problems with cultural customs and language barriers. What if we choose to all speak the same language? Well that might work and yet is that the right direction to move into?

I have come to realize that English, which is the business language of the world (currently) and the computer language too, is one botched mix-match of a language. It is difficult to master due to its many rules and exceptions.

As a Futurist, I hope some day that we can all communicate using the same system and I hope that system is communicating by thought and visions, using a scheme of photons and personal mind-mapping using fMRI neuron sequence firing schemes, which once formatted can read the thoughts of the individual using an ULF stereo wave system and then transfer that into 1's and Zero's and then sent via wireless device to a World Internet System to the other party who would also have been mapped and therefore their system could create the corresponding sequences.

Yes, I know 30 to 50 years out, but it would surely help the human race in the end. And because the benefits are so great this makes such research and development dollar expenditures well worth it. I would propose that we begin looking into these things now and consider how in the future we will implement them, because it is readily apparent that humans need a better communication system and the sooner the better; that is for sure.

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