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Welcome to Telecom Articles @ Here you will find lot of informative, interesting and worth reading articles related to Telecom and VoIP industry.

Newly added Telecom Articles:

Mobile terminal for processing system Pay-n-Get

Processing system Pay-n-Get developers have offered an up-to-date and practical solution for program operation. From now on, all the transactions in Pay-n-Get system will be carried out via mobile phones. So far, the electronic payments have been made READ MORE>>

Fraud in VoIP market: forewarned is forearmed

In all times there were the people who preferred easy money to hard work. And the appearance of the World Wide Web wasn’t left unnoticed by them. READ MORE>>

Humans Need a Better Communication System

Today humans have all sorts of very nice communication systems, like telephones, the Internet and email, but perhaps this is not enough READ MORE>>

An Overview - How Important is Telecommunications in E-Commerce & On-Line Business World

Telecommunication is the term use to refer to a vast array of communication technologies that send information over distances READ MORE>>

Telecom Expense Management Improved by Better Internal Communications

According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, 7 to 12 percent of telecom service charges are in error READ MORE>>

7 Wireless Technologies That Make the World Go Round

Wireless technology is everywhere. Whether it's buzz about something new or a product currently available READ MORE>>

Why DSL or Digital Subscriber Line Is the Most Cost-Effective Broadband Internet Solution

When you connect to the Internet, you might connect through a regular modem (dial-up), through a local-area network (LAN) connection in your office READ MORE>>

WiMAX, VoIP, Killer Apps, and the Digital Divide

The emerging standard 802.16 defines a network of wireless broadband at speeds capable of delivering triple play access to voice, data  READ MORE>>

VoIP Phones - Future Of Telephony

The concept of VoIP phones has climbed up the popularity ladder because of its effectiveness. VoIP is the abbreviated form of Voice Over Internet Protocol  READ MORE>>

Convergence Of Multi-Media Services

Triple Play creates the opportunity for carriers to access new customer segments. READ MORE>>

Get a ?Virtual Phone Number? - Eliminate Long Distance Charges with VoIP Phone Service

here's a revolution brewing in the telephone industry. But it's not the recent demise of READ MORE>>


During this discussion I will use the generic term "CDMA" to refer to the IS-95B standard READ MORE>>

History of the Telephone -- from Bell to VoIP and Beyond

Everyone knows the story of Alexander Graham Bell inventing the telephone READ MORE>>

What is VoIP Phone Service?

VoIP stands for "Voice Over Internet Protocol", which is a technology READ MORE>>

How VoIP Works (Advanced Guide)

Traditional communication networks are entirely separate and serve a specific application READ MORE>>

The History of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP or Broadband phone service as it is often referred to READ MORE>>

From Static to Dynamic

The switch from static to dynamic wireless communication has huge consequences READ MORE>>


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